How to properly consume bee pollen (with helpful recipes)

It is indisputable that pollen has an exceptional effect on the human organism. Pollen is a very healthy substance which helps to regulate metabolism and glands function. Protects the body from different infections by making the immune system stronger. Improves circulation, it is very good for eyesight and eliminates fatigue …. but you will not feel any of the pollen’s benefits unless you consume pollen in the correct way.

I was speaking to my friend who owns small honey-based products store and she was telling me about the experience she gained from talking to her customers. Very few consumed bee pollen in the proper way.

I did not know much about bee pollen except it is extremely healthy but had no idea that there are several wrong ways of consumption.I decided to learn more so I started as a volunteer in my friend’s store. To tell you the truth, it was a really great experience! The most important thing of all is to know if you are allergic to bee pollen. If the answer is positive you should avoid both bee pollen and meadow honey as it contains pollen in big percentage but if you do not have allergies you are free to enjoy in all benefits this superfood can offer you.

What is actually bee pollen – a mixture of flower pollen, wax, honey, enzymes, nectar and bee secretions. This one of kind superfood offers a wide range of benefits for your health but again only if you consume it in a proper way.

Here are some examples of how people misuse bee pollen:

“I take one teaspoon of bee pollen, chew it and swallow it.”

“I put one teaspoon of bee pollen in the glass of water, add some sugar or honey to make it sweet and drink it.”

“I grind bee pollen and that way I get pollen powder which more suitable for consumption”

The most important reason why this is all wrong is that a human digestive system can not break the celluloid membrane with which the bee pollen grain is covered. In all of the foregoing examples, pollen grain or powder only run through our body without using any single benefit from a rich pollen repertoire. The most drastic case was told by one vegetarian woman who used pollen powder wrongly for years. When my friend explained to her how pollen had to be used, she could only feel sorry for her for all those pounds of bee pollen she consumed in vain.

Bee pollen membrane has to be soaked In order to crack it and makes free all those great ingredients human organism can utilize of a bee pollen grain.

If possible, purchase and use raw pollen. In the drying process, about 20% of the value of the pollen is lost. After drying, the rest of the pollen value is lost linearly over time. After 6 months, such pollen lost about half of its value. My advice is – if you are buying dried pollen after January make sure that was stored in the freezer after drying or if it was stored in the raw state and then dried after removed from the freezer.

So the priorities are:

  • raw pollen – after cleaning it was immediately stored in the freezer.,
  • dried pollen – after drying was immediately placed in the freezer,
  • dried pollen – from the beginning of the season to the end of the year.

Tip : Both raw pollen and dried pollen should be stored in the freezer

Here are some ways how to properly prepare and consume pollen:

  1. Take one teaspoon of bee pollen and mix in the lukewarm water ( in the evening would be the best time) and leave the min. 8 hours. After that period, you can sweeten, stir and drink. If you sweeten it with honey and add up to 15 drops of propolis (please check if you have allergies first ) , you get an extraordinary and complete preparation.
  2. Pollen can also be dissolved in yogurt because it is known that lactic acid better dissolves the celluloid membrane then water.
  3. .You can also mix bee pollen with lukewater (like in example 1) but add freshly squeezed lemon juice in order to improve the dissolution of pollen’s membrane
  4. You can mix bee pollen grains even with honey but in that case, you have to leave the jar with this mixture to rest for at least 3-4 days and you should stir a few times per day. Bee pollen is lighter than honey so it will come up to the surface. It is very important to soak bee pollen in the honey in order to crack the pollen’s membrane. After 3-4 days store this mixture in the fridge and consume it on a daily basis

The best time to consume bee pollen( but also propolis, royal jelly, honey, and other honey-based products ) is late summer ( end of August) and fall so you can prepare yourself for cold, winter days which usually bring a different kind of infections and other health issues.

Let me give you one example so you can understand how bee pollen is important and extremely healthy – Bee pollen is the basic material from which young bees create royal jelly – highly nutritious food for the queen bee. Due to the lack of pollen in the hive, the queen bee will stop producing eggs and the bees will not be able to make wax and build honeycomb.

Bee pollen recipes which you can easily prepare at your home :

  1. Milk with bee pollen and juices. Prepare 17 fl Oz of lukewarm milk, one freshly squeezed orange juice, half of the freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1.7 Oz of honey, 0.35 Oz of bee pollen powder. Put bee pollen and honey in lukewarm milk, stir well, let it cool and then add orange and lemon juices. This multivitamin drink will improve your immune system.
  2. Sour milk with bee pollen. Take one and a half cup of sour milk or plain yogurt and add one tablespoon of bee pollen powder to it. Stir well. I suggest this recipe especially to older people as it is able to improve liver, heart and endocrine system functions.
  3. Sour milk with honey, bee pollen, and carrot juice. Take one and a half cup of sour milk or yogurt, add one freshly squeezed tangerine juice, two tablespoons of carrot juice, a tablespoon of honey and tablespoon of pollen powder. This drink is exceptional for kids because of improves appetite and fights against anemia
  4. Sportsmen drink. Prepare 34 fl Oz of milk, add 7 Oz of honey, 1,7 Oz of bee pollen, one egg, freshly squeezed lemon, tomato, and orange. The sportsmen should take this drink half an hour before the match, a couple of tablespoons. This drink contributes to the necessary psychological concentration and improves physical strength.
  5. Beauty drink. In the food processor put all together: 7 Oz of carrots, peeled orange, 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice, a tablespoon of bee pollen, a table spoon of honey, add 7 fl Oz of milk and mix it well. If you use this drink on a regular basis you will keep beautiful and healthy skin. This mixture can also be used as a facial mask.
  6. Strawberry and pollen healthy dessert. Prepare one and a half cup of cottage cheese, one and a half cup of mashed strawberries, a tablespoon of honey and tablespoon of bee pollen. This dessert helps with anemia ( strawberries contain a lot if iron ), also helps to people with liver and kidney disorders ( cheese has diuretic properties )


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